6 Stages You Need To Go Through Before You’ll Get Over Your Breakup


When you’re in the initial phases of a breakup, it can feel like the drama will never end. But it may be that you’re just on Stage One, and you’ve got to work through five more levels before you can come out better/faster/stronger/etc—kinda like a video game. Lilly Singh breaks it down for us perfectly in this video, which we’ve selected as part of our WORDS TO LIVE BY series—a partnership with YouTube bringing you our favorite Lilly Singh videos of all time.

Here are some tricks we’ve used to get over particularly brutal breakups:

“Moving 300 miles away. So dramatic but it worked.” – Ari

“Trying stand-up comedy for the first time. It was terrifying and therapeutic.” – Kim

“Getting a restaurant job and working in the evenings, so rather than sit around feeling sad at dinner I was raking in cash and meeting new people.” – Jordan

“Deleting all of our old texts.” – Nicole

“Signing up for CrossFit and getting in the best shape of my life.” – David

“Honestly, the most helpful thing I’ve found is breathing. Sounds stupid—but it’s true. Breathing, and just being very conscious of your breath, is good for a breaking heart I think.” – Tatiana Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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