20 Emojis That Don’t Exist But Absolutely Need To

Sometimes you need to communicate something and the smiley face–or the party ghost, or the eggplant–just aren’t going to cut it. Luckily, Tyler Oakley put together this amazingly astute message to the emoji-Gods-that-be demanding to see more representations of our many needs, as varied and bizarrely specific as they may be. Though some of them have been added since he made this video, we’re still patiently waiting for, say, the Ranch Dressing Emoji. In the meantime, we’re featuring this gem as part of our WORDS TO LIVE BY Series—a partnership with YouTube bringing you our favorite Tyler videos ever.

As long as we’re talking about our favorite texting tools…here are a few more questions we have:

Emoji Question Image


If anyone can give us some answers, and the new emojis Tyler suggest, we’d be very grateful. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

This post is part of the WORDS TO LIVE BY series—a partnership between Thought Catalog & YouTube. Check out the whole series here.