15 Things To Do Instead Of Freaking Out About Your Life


Of course we all want to be happy. But sometimes we don’t even realize what we’re doing to keep ourselves from getting there. This healthy dose of truth from Lilly Singh is less pep talk than #realtalk, and if you haven’t watched it yet, by all means do. It’s one of our favorite videos of hers, which is why we’re featuring it in our WORDS TO LIVE BY series—created in partnership with YouTube to showcase the wise yet hilarious advice of Lilly Singh.

Taking Lilly’s sage advice to heart, here are some alternatives to all the things she wisely advises against doing…

Instead of fixating on the things you can’t control (which, as she points out, never ends well), focus on the little things that are within your grasp. For instance:

1. Clean your room or desk (instant zen).
2. Make sure your fridge actually has groceries in it.
3. Get yourself to sleep. Everything looks better in the morning.

Instead of anxiously scrolling through your social feeds wondering why everyone’s life is better and/or more glamorous than yours…

4. Put down your phone!
5. Call a friend.
6. Do that thing you guys are always talking about doing but never do (like throwing a theme party or challenging yourselves to try every single pizza place in your city).

Instead of dwelling on your past mistakes…

7. Identify one thing you’re pretty good at.
8. Think of one thing you can do to get even better at that thing, whether it’s taking a class, or reading up on it, or asking someone better for tips.
9. Put that thing on your calendar so you aren’t allowed to chicken out.

Instead of worrying about pleasing other people…

10. Dedicate some time to doing whatever it is you want to do. Even if it’s seeing a double feature by yourself with an extra large popcorn.
11. Dress up. Even if you have nowhere fancy to go.
12. Dig up some childhood photos and remember how chill you used to be with yourself, awkward bangs and all.

Instead of letting negativity surround you…

13. Reply “no” to any social obligation you’ve been dreading.
14. Unfollow people who are constantly giving off bad vibes.
15. Fill your ‘bookmarks’ online with funny YouTube channels, pretty photo blogs, and anything else that makes you happy. It will be there sitting on your browser to wake up to every morning. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

This post is part of the WORDS TO LIVE BY series—a partnership between Thought Catalog & YouTube. Check out the whole series here.