Share Your College Photos And Stories On Thought Catalog


Next Tuesday (Sept. 1) all the writers on Thought Catalog’s homepage will be talking about college. We’ll be reminiscing about our college friends and boyfriends/girlfriends and waxing poetic about adderall addictions of days gone by.

You can join us by sharing your favorite “college” photos. Tell us a funny or poignant story, about how a roommate may have changed your life (for better or worse), and think back to the days of eating Ramen noodles in a cramped dorm room with no air conditioning. It can be a friend selfie or an evocative shot—all we ask is that it’s interesting.

Tweet or Instagram your photos, and include the hashtag #tc_college and a sentence or two about why you think this picture encapsulates your college experience in the caption.

We’ll go through and find our favorite photo submissions and embed them in a Thought Catalog compilation for College Theme Day!

All college stories are relevant. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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