51 Guys And Girls Confess The Most Superficial Reason They Ever Broke Up With Someone

Everyone has been dumped and dumped someone else — sometimes only a few dates into a relationship. But what are the true, harsh, and superficial reasons we have to break up with people? To find out, we asked our readers for the most superficial reason they ever broke up with someone. Here, their cringeworthy answers:

Sam, 32

I didn’t call a girl back after a first date because she had a snot bubble hanging out of her nose through the entire date. She even went to the bathroom so she either saw it and ignored it, or another one manifested. Either way, she had to go.

Eva, 23

He had a micropenis. And people think I’m being funny when I say that, like oh it was sooo small. No. It was a micro. penis. It’s a condition and he had it. It was as big as my thumb, I shit you not.

David, 27

She wasn’t understanding how to control video games AT ALL after multiple times trying to teach her. Like, very basic controls and she was remarkably stumped by them.

Julia, 26

This guy I was dating for a little while took me out on a date for our ~6th date that was legitimately what you do when you propose to someone. Like he set up a scavenger hunt in the woods behind his house that led to a setup of pillows, wine, grapes, a laptop playing a classic movie, lanterns, and candles.


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