5 American Girls On Which Country Produces The Hottest Guys

Hot guys can come from anywhere, but it’s undeniable that certain countries take the lead when it comes to sheer bittie production. In the interest of fake science, some of the Thought Catalog girls gathered to take on the real issues — like which countries are stepping up their sex appeal game and making hot guys. Here, the results of that very informal study.



“Canadian guys are all nice brunettes who drive trucks.”
“I second the Canadian thing”
“Canadians are kind of like hot country stars who aren’t actually southerners.”
“Umm, Ryan Gosling is Canadian. Enough said.”
“Canadians all seem the same to me. Like they don’t strike me as being really hot or really not hot. They’re just kind of… neutral.”



“Personally, I like Italians.”
“Oh Italians are very yum yum.”
“Feel like Italians have a distinct cheesiness about them. Like a corniness kind of.”
“Italians always get cast as the default hotties, but I feel like there are hotter countries out there, even just in Europe.”
“Italians are overrated.”
“I would marry a Luigi of Supermario fame, though. Like they could cast John Krasinski as Luigi in a live-action movie and I would be all for that (even though he is not Italian).”



“Nigerian guys are always on point.”
“They are generally really beautiful. Like Consistently Beautiful.”
“They seem really sweet and chivalrous, like kind of formal.”
“Nigerians seem like family guys, which always makes them hot. Like they really care about their moms.”
“Isn’t Chiwetel Ejiofor Nigerian? Fucking YUM.”



“Feel very strongly about Moroccan men.”
“They always have this sexy, mysterious thing about them. I always picture them with a cigarette drinking a coffee.”
“I used to date a Moroccan. Wasn’t impressed.”
“I once dated a Moroccan who was really hot but a huge asshole, so, you know.”
“Dark hair and light eyes. Dark. Hair. And. Light. Eyes.”



“English men are either really hot, like young Prince William-style hot, or not hot at all. I think it’s on average a not-very-hot country with big exceptions.”
“England produces hot gingers, which is rare.”
“My ex’s friend is British and I kept him on Facebook after the breakup cause, you know, I like to look at nice things in my feed.”
“English guys are either really charming or really trashy, and both are kind of hot.”
“British actors are the hottest, on average. By far.”



“Spanish guys are the hottest by far. Hands down.”
“The entire Spanish football this year was out of control. They were just all so hot.”
“Spanish guys are short, though. :(”
“I like the Spanish guys kind of seem like assholes. Every one of them I have known has had the Hot Asshole Syndrome, and I was into it.”
“They are macho. But very hot.”



“I feel like Brazil is almost cliche in how hot their people are. They’re like, too hot.”
“I like the Brazilian guy who was in Eat Pray Love, whoever that is.”
“The hottest celeb of all time is definitely the Brazilian from Love, Actually.”
“Also Brazilians are simultaneously macho and respectful, which is a rare combination. Like they treat their girls like Princesses, but are still kind of sexist. IDK.”



“Irish guys are so hot. Case in point: The Baldwin brothers.”
“Ew, the Baldwins are like one hot brother and five that look like they dealt speed in prison.”
“Yes, but they USED to be hot. They have that Irish look.”
“Irish guys have a scrappy look. They’re like the hotness of English guys with a little bit more roughness around the edges.”
“Also, hot gingers.”



“Indian guys have the hottest accent. It’s so elegant.”
“Indian guys have the best hair. I love their hair.”
“Everything about Indian guys is hot.”
“I’m dating an Indian guy right now. He’s super cute.”



“Jamaicans have this really hot, friendly vibe.”
“They are that chill center of gravity in the party. Like the eye of the storm.”
“I love their ability to rock a good man-necklace.”
“They always have great hair.”



“Mexican guys have this very hip vibe.”
“They can be really fun and chill. I love partying with them.”
“I once dated a Mexican guy… sweetest guy ever. But was a total momma’s boy. Like she still did all his chores.”
“They also have consistently great hair.”



“The French guy who was in that Diane Lane movie about cheating.”
“Yessssss 10/10 would murder-cheat again.”
“I love how French guys look classy and scruffy at the same time. It’s the perfect balance of sexiness.”
“The accent, the language, the olive skin and dark hair — everything about French guys is hot.”
“Their actors are always on point.”


Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 2.12.16 PM

“Japanese dudes are so sexy, they have this refinement to their beauty. Their facial hair is always on point.”
“I love their hair.”
“I love how polite and gentlemanly they are.”
“Japanese guys can go either way, but I feel like the really fashionable ones are by far on the extreme end of hotness. They have some of the best style of any guys.”
“Yes, stylish Japanese dudes are HOT.”



“Russian guys are very elegant.”
“They have this really intellectual vibe around them sometimes, like they know something you don’t.”
“I dated a Russian and he was kind of a redneck… but he was hot as hell.”
“I love their eyes. And their cheekbones.”



“YES to Aussies.”
“Can we talk about the Hemsworth brothers? Like, BLESS THEIR MOTHER. BLESS THOSE GENES.”
“Australian guys have the hottest accents by far.”
“They’re sort of like cowboys with different accents. I feel like they could fix my car.”
“They are always hot, whether they’re more country or beach-y. There are a couple brands of Aussie, and they’re all hot.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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