Call For Submissions – We Want To Hear Your Best Stories From Taglit-Birthright Israel


If you’re one of the 350,000 lucky people who has been on a Birthright Israel trip, you know that it’s more than just history and hummus. In fact, you probably have some stories that you’d be wary to rehash to your family when you’re going through the albums back home.

We want to hear those stories. Not the museums and gorgeous sights (we already know those are awesome ;), but the up-all-night dance parties, interesting things that happened on the bus, and surprisingly romantic moments that occur when you’re sweating in the desert.

Why take the time to send them? Because everyone who hasn’t gone needs to know what they’re missing!

We’ll publish the best responses to Thought Catalog and send you an email letting you know that your story was chosen.

Some thought starters:

  • Meet someone amazing on the trip? Hey girl (or guy), don’t be shy – tell us how it happened!
  • Remember the days you climbed Masada for sunrise, went snorkeling in Eilat, and floated in the Dead Sea? This is your chance to tell all, make us LOL, and jump-start your career as a future famous blogger.

How do you submit? Send us your stories here, with the subject line “Taglit-Birthright Israel Stories.”

Just let us know whether you’d like us to include your name or have it remain anonymous. Either way, you’ll be able to clock in your “good deed” for the week (but maybe don’t send the link to Mom ;) Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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