Get Upgraded With A Revolutionary New Men’s Underwear

You know that Beyonce & Jay-Z song, ‘Upgrade U”?

“Let me upgrade you, flip a new page and introduce you some new things.” For us, that song is always playing through our heads at this time of year. The holiday season is the time for upgrades. Whether it’s a bigger TV, or a newer laptop, or the latest fashion, everyone deserves things that make life nicer and more comfortable.

For guys, the best upgrades are the essentials. If he uses his computer every day, he should have a great one. If he’s a jeans guy, the quality pair pays off way more than the cheap stuff.

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 9.43.57 AM

What else can a guy upgrade? Now, his underwear. Frigo Revolution Wear has rolled out an exclusive line of sophisticated men’s underwear, bringing innovation to a world that’s been nothing but cotton and elastic for far too long.

Frigo is better underwear. Guys’ underwear has never been awesome – it bunches up, gets sweaty, and chafes. The Frigo briefs are sleek and athletic. Most importantly, they have a mesh area for a guy’s manhood that keeps everything separate, cool, and off his legs.

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For a guy, the Frigo means he can go longer without getting uncomfortable. That’s what upgrading your basics is all about – making life better.

The high-end product, which was designed by the same guy who invented the Tempurpedic bed, comes with a price tag – ranging from $30 – $100 for the highest-end pairs. Frigo had a big pop-up party in NYC, where Derek Jeter, Tyson Beckford, Carmelo Anthony, Timbaland and others rubbed elbows with NYC business and fashion elite. Every man who has tried the product agrees – every guy should have a few pairs, for big days, airplane flights, and any other time when comfort and performance are everything.

So, if you’re a guy looking for an upgrade with a payoff, check out the Frigo. And if you are a woman with a man in your life – make like Beyonce and upgrade him! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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