Sony Xperia Z Launch

Sony Xperia Z Launch

The Sony Xperia Z is now available, and it’s the best of Sony in a smartphone to fulfill all of your needs. The flagship handset combines camera know-how from Sony Cybershot, screen tech borrowed from Bravia televisions, and much more. For Sony, joining forces across the company for the greater good of their products and customers is routine, resulting in premium creations that aren’t only technologically sound, but aesthetically stylish.

To launch the Xperia Z, Sony hosted a party that assembled different forms of creativity, in an event that featured Sony Music artist, Madeon and a unique robotic art performance that brought their ‘Holi festival’ TV ad to life in spectacular fashion.

Not to mention the party even boasted a ball pit – who doesn’t love a party with a ball pit? To visually experience the festivities check out the video below:


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