Top 10 Thought Catalog Comments For The Month Of November

Here, in no particular order, our favorite comments for the month of November.

1. From Article: Confessions of A Serial Cheater


Bravo for being honest about your past and hopeful in your advice — the internet needs more commenters like you.

2. From Article: 10 Most Awkward Things People Have Said To Me During Sex


We’re with sb1, this is absolutely horrifying.

3. From Article: 5 Ways I Failed At Being A Feminist


I think I speak for everyone when I say reclaim away. (To be fair, Mittens is actually pretty hot for his age.)

4. From Article: 28 #BadSkinProblems


Wow, maybe getting a little too real on the TC comments section right now. (Seriously, though, 1D — why? Why must you be so prejudiced in your affections?)

5. From Article: Hi. My name is Michael, and I’m A Hipster


Resurrected DFW: The Comeback Tour

6. From Article: Is The Fashion Industry Morally Sound?


Oh, god, sixth grade… in 2006… Oh, god….

7. From Article: I’m Tired Of Thinking About Boys


Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff

8. From Article: Why I Am Pro-Choice


Bravo, and thank you for sharing.

9. From Article: 8 Lies I Told You


Can we all hold hands and cry now?

10. From Article: Why Are We Still Talking About Lindsay Lohan?


And, goodnight. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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