Top 10 Thought Catalog Comments For The Month Of October

Here, in no particular order, our favorite comments for the month of October.

1. From Article: 10 Game of Thrones Guys And Whether Or Not You Should Marry Them

Only a fool treads on spoiler-laden lands.

2. From Article: Stop Catcalling Me

It’s hard to pick a winner in a comment section as good as this one is, but there is something extremely satisfying about this little anecdote. You go, commenter.

3. From Article: The Philosophy Of Being A Cunt

You guys are taking this to the next level. golfclap.jpg

4. From Article: The 9 People You Become When You’re Drunk

I think it’s safe to say that the “Ignition” Remix is everyone’s song. And on that note, please enjoy the musical stylings of one Robert Kelly as you peruse the rest of this article:


5. From Article: New Rules Regarding Tampons


6. From Article: 28 Signs You’re Wasting Your Youth

Joke’s on you, bro, [author] Chelsea Fagan doesn’t have a degree — so she is actually qualified to work at a Boston Market, too. She chose this.

7. From Article: Things People Do To Make Themselves Look More Attractive In Pictures

Oh, great, now we have to go through life knowing that “Hilary Duff fat arms” is a thing on the internet. Poor Lizzie.

8. From Article: 15 Heartbreaking Signs That You’re Single

It’s a long read, yes, but a great response to a great article.

9. From Article: 5 Things College Students Talk About

Too soon, whatgoodwoulditdo, too soon.

10. From Article: I’ve Never Had Anal Sex

Nothing warms our steely little hearts here at Thought Catalog than watching our readers get into a vigorous exchange about dildos. We <3 you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


image – Thought Catalog

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