Top 10 Thought Catalog Comments For The Month Of September

Here, in no particular order, our favorite comments for the month of September.

1. From Article: Yeah Trick, I AM Wearing Leggings As Pants. Wanna Fight About It?

Finally, something we can all get behind.

2. From Article: Short Men, Eww, They’re Genetically Deformed

Looooooooooool. (We love Game of Thrones, too.)

3. From Article: When Will It Be My Turn To Fall In Love?

Thank you for this comment, and your perspective.

4. From Article: Just Because She Is Polite Does Not Mean She Is Flirting

It’s nice to hear the opposite perspective delivered with taste, tact, and respect. Hats off, Brian.

5. From Article: I Know You’re In Love With My Boyfriend

Can we all just take a minute and go watch the “The Boy Is Mine” video before we come back and finish the article?

6. From Article: 34 Ways To Get Over Someone

This is also a front-runner for our upcoming series, Classy Quips With Anonymous Commenter Jen.

7. From Article: Evil Things I Can’t Stop Doing

Damn… damn.

8. From Article: It Isn’t All About Your Kids

User Whatgoodwoulditdo, always dropping Truth Bombs all over your comments section.

9. From Article: I’m Not Stupid If I Disagree With You

Oh, girl, we all feel for you….

10. From Article: 21 Questions I Have For People In Long-Term Relationships

There are two winners from this comment section (though they are all really great), one being from a reader who has been married for 25 years. We cropped the answer (because it is long and very thorough — plus you need to read the questions to put it in full context), but it is definitely worth a read:

Then we have this, possibly one of the greatest comments of all time:

Winners all around. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


image – Thought Catalog

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