Palladium Boots To The Test in Undercity: Las Vegas Film

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Palladium created awesomely durable boots, and now they’ll be partnering with Steve Duncan and Andrew Wonder to produce a film titled Undercity: Las Vegas. The two will document their sightseeing of hidden areas underneath Las Vegas. Aside from being waterproof and heavy-duty, the Pampa boot by Palladium is historical. A company that once created aircraft tires in the ‘20s, utilized their expert knowledge of canvas and rubber to create boots that are significant and useful to folks all these years later.

Remaining relevant and staying current, the Pampa boot can be relied on in the tunnels and coarse conditions that the undergrounds of Sin City have to offer — which sounds pretty splendid. A film that give us a look at Vegas as most of us have never seen it — and the footwear product fit for the job — check out the trailer below for a glimpse of the adventurous explorations, and the reliable boots in action.

For more info, visit Palladium Boots, Undercity and Andrew Wonder.

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