The Top 5 Summer Party Foods

This post was written by Thought Catalog, inspired by Lacoste’s Essential Eau de Toilette fragrance. Fresh with notes of tangerine, sandalwood, and rose (to name a few), Lacoste Essential is the perfect compliment for fun under the sun. Check out Lacoste Essential Fragrance and more of their fragrances here.

In collaboration with and inspired by Lacoste Essential Eau de Toilette fragrance, Thought Catalog brings you Lacoste Fragrance’s Guide to the Perfect Summer Party.

As you may have noticed, Thought Catalog has been partnering with our friends at Lacoste Fragrance to contribute articles to their Guide to the Perfect Summer Party series, inspired by their Lacoste Essential Eau de Lacoste fragrance. It’s all about freedom and freshness, and what more perfectly captures summer than that! We know the sights and smells of summer food — roasted corn on a barbeque, fresh-cut watermelon, ice-cold lemonade — are integral parts of the Perfect Summer Party. So, get corndogs on Coney Island, suck down a Popsicle poolside and enjoy an iced tea in the park. But most importantly, check out the top five most perfect summer party foods.

1. Watermelon


Chomping on juicy watermelon is one of the best parts of summer. Whether served as dessert (omg, watermelon icees), as side dish in a salad or just on its own, when you see that pink flesh you know it’s time to refresh those taste buds. Watermelon’s in season in summer too, so the fruit is the most ripe right now. Watermelon is so good, you can even put other fruits inside of it and use the green rind as a bowl. Infusing the watermelon to make it a cocktail works, too. I mean, it’s a party, right? No judgement.

2. BBQ

Josh Resnick

Barbecues — on rooftops or in backyards — are a summer staple. But BBQs aren’t all about ribs & burgers, they’re about anything that is spicy and relaxing. There’s the whole spread for the tastin’ — buttery corn on the cob, chilled salads with fresh tomatoes, crisp coleslaw. BBQs are a great time to hang with a cool beer and munch away under the summer sky. Make new friends. Fall in love. Smell the yummy food all around you (and you know, probably the bug spray, suntan lotion, and freshly chopped wood: weirdly three of the best summer smells). No one’s throwing a BBQ in winter. It sucks.

3. Popsicles and Ice Cream


Cool off with a melty treat in the form of a Popsicle or bowl of ice cream. (I like vanilla or strawberry in the summer.) There’s a good excuse for it at any time of day: it’s super hot outside! Feel free to indulge! You can even make your own Popsicles for a party using toothpicks, fruit juice and an ice cube tray in the freezer. It’s an immediate refresher for your mouth and great when the sun gets to be too much. I recommend using sweet, stranger flavors like tangerine or cranberry. Yum.

4. Minty drinks

Olga Miltsova

Like the fragrance, mint cocktails are cool, refreshing, light and breezy. Get over here, those who go big or go home. Summer is your time to shine. There’s rooftop galas and happy hours and myriad other drink-friendly environments. During the summer, you’d be remiss not to drink your fill. Mojito time, everyone!

5. Fresh fruit salad

Iidi Papp

This could go with watermelon, though I feel like watermelon is its own beast. All kinds of fruit is in season during the summer months and it’d be nuts not to take advantage. Grab some strawberries and kiwi and grapefruit and raspberries and make a delicious, quirky fruit salad. Enjoy the bursting juices on your tongue, and get hydrated too. You can even throw a little cool cucumber in there and impress everybody at the party. TC Mark


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