Who Was At The Warped Tour In New Jersey Last Friday?

Warped Tour is an annual concert that started in 1995 to showcase a variety of punk bands, all in one day. Over the years, it has become a mainstay of American youth/suburban culture — its once underground demographic now spilling over into mainstream territory. Today the Warped Tour is one of the pivotal summer concerts that bring together teenagers, roadies, and musicians. We went to Warped Tour New Jersey last Friday to meet with the kids, music lovers, musicians, and staff that make the tour possible. We asked each of them: “What’s the best thing about the Warped Tour?”

Michael, 15

“The crowds.”

Anthony, 14


Kelly, 15

“The first person I saw when I got here was T. Mills, so that was like… the best.”

Murray, 60

“Music is gun-to-my-head music. I’m a classic rock guy. It’s good for sales, and you get exercise. And the scenery’s good.”

Mat, “Old”

“Judging people. Great to get out of NYC.”

Ghost, 23

“Being in the presence of the people who inspired you to start. Suddenly you’re here with them.”

Jasmine, 26

“Living life like a vacation.”

Victoria, 19

“Best form of birth control ever.”

Tom, 29

“The vibe. I hate that word, but it’s the only thing I can think of.”

Donato, 21

“Rockin’ out, jammin’ out, moshpits. If you stalk me, I’ll kick your ass.”

Kaz, 20

“Title Fight.”

Alina, 17


Sabrina, 21 & Mary, 19

“Ronnie Radke from Falling in Reverse.”

Nick, 15

“Senses Fail.”

Greg, 27

“I’m here for the people. Here to spread the word about my CD.”

Donnie, 25

“I used to work with Victory Records — I interned with them and they offered me a job. I freelance with a bunch of different bands; Ballyhoo is my favorite to tour with, of course.”

Anthony, 17; Brianna, 15; Bianca, 15; Courtney, 15

“I’m here to see all the bands that I fucking love.” — Anthony

“Because I’m awesome.” — Brianna

“I’m here because I love Alex Gaskarth.” — Bianca

“I’m here because Travis Clupa is my husband and I came to see him. I’m married.” — Courtney

Taylor, 15


Dave, 16

“Being able to see all the talented bands.”

Austin, 15

“The bands and all the people.”

David, 15

“It’s amazing.”

Tammy, 30; Nicole, 25; Shannon, 31

“Out in the summer, enjoying the atmosphere.” — Tammy

“The music, obviously. Booze.” — Nicole

“The music, obviously!” — Shannon Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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