Dewar’s And #UNRAVEL Put A Modern Spin On An Old Tradition

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Dewar’s and #UNRAVEL are joining forces to create a marvelous combination of storytelling, music, and scotch malt whisky. #UNRAVEL is a collaboration between FOUND and Aidan Moffat – a Scottish Album of the Year Award winner. Aidan wrote 10 short stories for this project. The writings were created to be sound-tracked by FOUND’s 160 musical compositions. Much like the frequently altering mood of a narrated story, the #UNRAVEL sounds are constantly changing along the way. They depend upon the atmosphere’s mood, hour of the day, audience size, local weather, and even opinions being transcribed on Twitter.

Dewar’s is currently creating an #UNRAVEL inspired, limited edition, single cast whisky. This restores an old-fashioned tradition, in which friends gather late into the evening to drink and share stories with each other. Listening to #UNRAVEL and drinking Dewar’s whisky? That sounds like a picture-perfect night.

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image – #UNRAVEL

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