Calling All Gentlemen: Ketel One Wants To Hear Your Ideas

This post sponsored by Ketel One.

Gentlemen: Are you tired of man-babies and bros cramping your style? Want to prove to the world that there are still a few of you out there, changing the game? Ketel One is here to help with “A Gentleman’s Call: In Pursuit of an Idea that Matters.”

A Gentleman’s Call is a contest that gives the men of America a chance to present ideas to Ketel One; ideas with substance and style that aim to raise society’s behavioral bar. The five projects that best exemplify a higher standard of living and thinking will be chosen by Ketel One, and the Grand Prize winner will be voted on by America. Then, Ketel One will invest $100,000 to making the winner’s idea a reality.

The contest ends July 29th, so get to brainstorming and enter here. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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