Top 10 Thought Catalog Comments For The Month Of April

Here, in no particular order, our 10 favorite comments for the month of April.

1. From Article: The Different Types Of Hookups There Are

Wow, way to bring the room down, Megan.

2. From Article: Ways The Internet Can Hurt Your Feelings

Excuse me, we here at Thought Catalog are extremely in touch with our feelings, and they most definitely exist past the age of 13. Sorry you’re so mature and in control. Leave us alone to cry over Twitter. Thanks.

3. From Article: 7 Musts For Any Self-Respecting 20-Something Man

Thank you, Emily, for putting into words what we’ve always thought about JGL. Now let’s fight over him.

4. From Article: I Will Never Love Anyone The Way I Love Food

Standing ovation for Emil. Standing ovation.

5. From Article: What Facebook Would Have Looked Like In The 90s

We have to give number 5 to our own BSG, for the pure cathartic joy that is this comment.

6. From Article: HBO’s Girls: White Guilt, Precious, Privilege, And The Myth-Making Factory

The unspoken comment on the 130932082305982522308325 Girls articles we’ve seen around the internet of late is finally uttered. Thank you, good sir, and you’ll let us know how that Segway accident goes.

7. From Article: 4 Foods That Make Me Ashamed To Be An American

This comment for President.

8. From Article: What Makes Someone A Slut?

Aww, don’t worry, commenter — we still believe in love!

9. From Article: How Many People Have You Slept With?


10. From Article: 5 Rules For Dudes Who Cat-Call Women On The Street

You are a hero amongst women, truly. Hats off to you, ma’am. TC mark

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  • Guest

    yup. this.

  • Tim McEown

    Place Meta-comment here. Thank you for your participation.

  • mademoiselle

    All this – selected comments and comments to comments – reek of passive aggressiveness. AWESOME.

  • Emil Caillaux

    I get emotional at standing ovations.

    • Nika

      now here’s a guy who knows something about being charming at dinner parties!

  • Kelsey

    And hats off to you, Thought Catalog. Nothin’ like a little morning cream story to get your day headed toward Successtown.

  • prufrock

    Comment #7 is from a Tucker Max story. Check your shit, TC.

  • Alexa

    that comment about the McGriddle is taken word for word from Tucker Max’s I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell. clever: 8, original: 0
    Tucker Max for president*

    • guest

      agreed.  stupid comment, shouldn’t have been acknowledged.

    • Jennette

      Does anyone else find it hilarious that Thought Catalog rewarded a comment which represents the opposite of everything the site as a whole claims to love (equality among the sexes, self doupt, etc)?

  • Raymond Thimmes

    Thank you. :-)

  •!/ZachAmes macgyver51

    I am far more excited about making this list than I should be.

  • jizz

    thought catalog be all on that pop-up ad revenue heyyyy #sellout

    • TC

      are you trying to pay to read these articles? i’m not quite sure why you’re complaining or calling them a sellout? #smartbusiness

  • AnnamariaPhilippeaux

    OMG, the McGriddle comment <3 I really look forward to these posts!

  • Megan Vo

    Just the right pick me up validation I needed for finals week!

  • Bilqis Ibrahim

    Hahaha loved it

  • Guest

    hahahaha, i love 10! just great. odd, yeah, but great. 

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    car registration check

    Top 10 Thought Catalog Comments For The Month Of April | Thought Catalog


    Top 10 Thought Catalog Comments For The Month Of April | Thought Catalog

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