Top 10 Thought Catalog Comments For The Month Of March

It’s a very important relationship, that of a web site and its commenters. What is an article if not a sounding board for compliments, insults, arguments, and unrelated personal information? And here at Thought Catalog, we think we have some of the best commenters on the internet. We’re always reading you, laughing with you, and occasionally cringing away from our computer screens. Here, in no particular order, our 10 favorite comments for the month of March.

1. From article: On Buttholes

This man is clearly a connoisseur of the finer things in life.

2. From article: How To Become A Smoker

Can every argument from here on out be had in this style of writing? Please?

3. From article: How Do People Afford To Be Hipsters?

He’s Asian from Asia, he just wants to know.

4. From article: 6 Reasons Why I Don’t Like Your Inspirational Tumblr

Burn, James, Burn.

5. From article: Everyone I’ve Had Sex With

Everyone’s invited to Chelsea’s family reunion this year.

6. From article: The Games Guys Play

Aww, we all want to be your boyfriend.

7. From article: The Thinking Woman’s Guide To Threesomes

To be fair, it could have been two chicks.

8. From article: That Time I Dated A Porn Star

The Thought Catalog love connection. Set up your profile today.

9. From article: Trayvon Martin And White Privilege


10. From article: Why Are We Still Saying ‘Retarded?’

Hahahahahahahaha. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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