Top 10 Thought Catalog Comments For The Month Of March

It’s a very important relationship, that of a web site and its commenters. What is an article if not a sounding board for compliments, insults, arguments, and unrelated personal information? And here at Thought Catalog, we think we have some of the best commenters on the internet. We’re always reading you, laughing with you, and occasionally cringing away from our computer screens. Here, in no particular order, our 10 favorite comments for the month of March.

1. From article: On Buttholes

This man is clearly a connoisseur of the finer things in life.

2. From article: How To Become A Smoker

Can every argument from here on out be had in this style of writing? Please?

3. From article: How Do People Afford To Be Hipsters?

He’s Asian from Asia, he just wants to know.

4. From article: 6 Reasons Why I Don’t Like Your Inspirational Tumblr

Burn, James, Burn.

5. From article: Everyone I’ve Had Sex With

Everyone’s invited to Chelsea’s family reunion this year.

6. From article: The Games Guys Play

Aww, we all want to be your boyfriend.

7. From article: The Thinking Woman’s Guide To Threesomes

To be fair, it could have been two chicks.

8. From article: That Time I Dated A Porn Star

The Thought Catalog love connection. Set up your profile today.

9. From article: Trayvon Martin And White Privilege


10. From article: Why Are We Still Saying ‘Retarded?’

Hahahahahahahaha. TC mark

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  • Perfect Circles

    whoa whoa whoa when the FUCK did top 10 comments become an article?  

    • Emil Caillaux

      Comments on comments on comments on comments on comments. 

      Can you get a top-ten-worthy comment from an article about top ten comments? How meta is too meta?

      Thought Catalog: Never too meta.

      • TCReader

        You are trying wayyy too hard. But hey who knows maybe you’ll make the TOP TEN comments list next week!

  • Guest

    shit, yet another way to gain internet commenter validation!  MUST STEP UP MY COMMENTING GAME.

  • Anonymous


    • Oliver Miller

      Maybe it’s bad though, to give them encouragement and praise like this?

      • Michaelwg

        Obviously, otherwise this comment would never have happened. This one. This one right here. HAY EVERYONE, LOOK AT ME. WOOO

  • guest

    i love and hate everything about this

  • Gregory Costa

    That reminds me…I wonder how Blake is doing.

  • Becky Henderson

    this is amazing

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know if I feel embarrassed that one of those is mine left casually under the name of

    • Gregory Costa

       Next time don’t be such a pussy and own up to it…now that you’re being praised, you no longer want the anonymity.  I’m onto you.  I’m onto you.  That,  or you were too lazy to sign in.  In that case, quit being so lazy.

      • Anonymous

        Dammit Costa, you’re hard to hide from. Hey I’ll own up, it’s clearly the best one one here (except for the buttholes), just too lazy. Whatgoodwoulditdo was poorly thought out…designed for speed not comfort.

      • Alice In Wonderland

        Know it all.

      • Gregory Costa

         Hey, baby, I didn’t go to school as a  biology major for 7 years because of my good looks. 

  • MAX K

    MY ENTIRE EXISTENCE HAS BEEN VALIDATED. You know, I get bullied on reddit. Did you know that? You probably didn’t. And to see this… to come here and… just…I just… I… thank you. Thank you.

  • mutterhals

    LOLOLOLOL infinity

  • Grace Elizabeth

    I’m gonna be honest, I read this  with intense anticipation that some dumbass comment of mine was going to be posted. *whew*

    • Gregory Costa

       Grace Elizabeth…that’s a pretty name for a pretty girl.  Crossing the line with purity/whore is easy, but you’re on the good side.  Nevaeh, Chastity, Passion.  Truhhh-ramp!

      • Grace Elizabeth

        …mkay. I’ll let my parents know you approve.

  • Michaelwg

    Ah, so this is what misguided self importance feels like. *grabs hand mirror, coifs hair*
    Chelsea’s was the best. I giggled. hard.

    • Jake


    • Jessica Blankenship

      Come on, you didn’t do too bad when you found out where I’ve been all your life.

      • Michaelwg

        You’re always in the last place I look! Like my car keys. :( You’d think i’d just learn to always look between the 2 dudes first.

      • Jessica Blankenship

        See, I usually don’t find much there, and it’s always the first place I look for things: love, self-respect, a decent orgasm, etc.

  • Anonymous

    Woah. This is commentception.

  • Bradders

    Oh hey! #3 y’all

  • Gregory Costa

     Now if only I could figure out how to be liked in real life ;(

    • LP

      Aww Grego

  • João Nuno Álvares

    Chelsea, your baby’s getting older.
    P.S. When the reunion?

  • lauren


  • Elaine Huang

    I love the last one. Ahahahaha.

  • mia nguyen

    I can’t handle this. This is too funny. 

  • Maxwell Chance

    Hilarious! Love this idea. 

  • mischline

    #3 killed me.

  • the antisocialite

    reading the comments for this article is kind of anti-climactic now…

  • annie

    The best comment I’ve ever seen on Thoughtcatalog was on Stephanie Georgopolous’s article on Samantha Brick.

    GOB: Her? Is she funny or something?


  • friendswithgolliwogs

    Sometimes I worry that I am a blipster, but I am African, from Africa. You can’t be a hipster with Third World Problems.

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