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5 Reasons You Should Come To The Thought Catalog Drink Up On October 6th

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Hello readers! Wanna hang out with us? Wanna tell us how much we suck and throw things at our head? Wanna tell Kat and Stephanie how much you’re in loveeee with them? Well, now’s your chance! On Thursday, October 6th, Thought Catalog will be hosting a reader meet up at The Anchor Bar in Soho. Open bar is from 9-10 with drink specials after! Mmmm… open bar…..

Still need some convincing? Here are 5 reasons why you should come to the reader meetup!

  1. You might meet your future BF/GF. As the old adage goes, “The couple that reads Thought Catalog together, stays together!” We have a hunch that our readers are babes but come see for yourself.
  2. You’ll get drunk with us! And drinking is fun! And we’re fun! Yay, drinking!
  3. You must be curious about what we’re like in real life, right? Is Ryan really a Xanax popping gay freak? Does Kat talk in a funny accent and fart everywhere? Does Stephanie just sulk in the corner and go on AIM?!
  4. There’s a good chance you’ll see one of us do something really embarrassing and then blog about it the next day. You can be a witness to creativity!
  5. Did I say open bar?

So come and hang out! We’re excited to meet you all in the flesh.

Brandon Gorrell will be there in spirit. Perhaps we should video chat him in Seattle?

P.S. If you think this flyer is chic, you can contact graphic designer/professional babe, Caitie Rolls, and commission her to do stuff. Do it! TC mark

image – Caitie Rolls

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    • Alina Trifan

      …Why am I still living in Europe?

    • Guest

      …great…  you’ve found the only reason to regret not being in NYC …

    • Giancarlo Di Rezze

      Wahh. I’m in Toronto! :(

      • spen

        super random but, are you the guy from reasonforme?

    • mashka

      I am moving to NYC as of tomorrow morning, what perfect timing!

    • Erik Stinson

      meet drunk writers who got started writing for TC and now have real jobs!

    • Cate de Leon

      Aww, I’d go if I didn’t live on the other side of the globe :(

    • Luke


    • Sabina Miklowitz

      Gaahhhh I would LOVE to come to this… but I’m in California.  :(  Sad days.

    • Aimee Vondrak

      I think there should be one of these mixers in Los Angeles! I would definitely go :)

      • Aimee Vondrak

        Although I realize you all live in NYC :(

      • Justin Flowers

        LETS DO IT!

    • Dontmind

      But will Chelsea Fagan be flying in from Paris?

      • Kp

        so much slutwalk anger to direct at her in person

      • Guest

        I actually don’t believe she exists.

      • Guest

        I actually don’t believe she exists.

    • Matt Bevilacqua

      I’ll host the D.C. meet-up. It will consist of me, in my apartment, drinking alone.

    • Matt Bevilacqua

      I’ll host the D.C. meet-up. It will consist of me, in my apartment, drinking alone.

    • NoSexCity

      This should prove interesting, if nothing else. (And imagine all the TC posts that will follow!)

    • Josh Gondelman

      I’ll be a little late, but I’m going to be there! Hooray! (Or boo, if you feel boo about it!)

    • @goldengutgirl

      move it a week later!

      • mollypocket

        YES PLEASEE! im visiting that next weekend too!!!

    • A.

      There needs to be an LA version of this.

      • Aimee Vondrak

        I already said that yessssss, let’s make it happen? Find me on Facebook? :)

    • Jordana Bevan

      i’m going to come and lurk in a corner and then write an article about it and then not get it published here. victoryyyyyyyyyyy

    • Dani

      Do I have to be twenty-one to be able to get in???

      • Michael Koh


    • Anonymous

      sweet, i will be there

      • guest

        fuck danhoopes

        • guest

          jk your the man

    • Linda Liu

      HAHA! For once something is on the east coast. 
      That being said…how old do i have to be to get in? And if I’m not old enough can I stalk you guys outside the bar? 

    • Immagetdrunk

      This open bar better be legitimately open.

    • Yak

      Fly chelsea fagan in from Paris!

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like a hoot and a holler. Too bad for those stuck in the Midwest…

    • Adam Haile

      hey, cool it’s on my 21st cake day! too bad I’m on the other coast

    • CarmenOhio

      Why the hell would you choose Soho over Columbus, Ohio?

      • Tanya Salyers

        YES! Come to Old Columbus town!

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