Rebecca Black Lands First Film Role

Just kidding! Wouldn’t that be disgusting? Funny Or Die has released a fake movie trailer for Sunday Comes Afterwards in which the tween singer has to rally the world when a natural disaster strikes. The scary thing is that we can actually see this movie being produced by a major studio IRL. Sigh. TC mark

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  • kzspygv

    She's not in on it – sad.

    • azi

      how u know?

  • Greg

    she is going to be a huge star in 8-10 years..guaranteed…sigh?

  • waterbuffalo

    I think that's really her, isn't it?

  • anon

    this is hilarious

  • george brostanza

    dude, fuck this bitch. Just fuck her. Let's move on.

  • Michael Koh

    Saw it, I died laughing.

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