Julia Roberts Gets Paid $1.5 Million to Smile, Drink Coffee

Starving artist, Julia Roberts, got paid $1.5 million to star in this Italian commercial for Lavazza coffee. Although Roberts doesn’t actually speak in the commercial, she does flash a $1.5 million dollar smile. I’m so happy Julia Roberts got this gig. For a second, I was worried about how she was going to pay her rent, how she was going to be able to survive in this terrible economy. She’s been grossly underpaid her entire career and terribly under-appreciated. You guys, Julia is finally getting the respect she deserves!

Roberts isn’t the only celebrity who’s cashed in abroad. Lindsay Lohan, for example, got her drug money by also doing European commercials. We’re not sure what she’s actually selling in this bizarre Italian commercial for Fornarina but we know we’re buying.

Brad Pitt sold coffee in Japan.

George Clooney sold coffee in France.

George Clooney. Brad Pitt. Julia Roberts. Like Lindsay Lohan, they’re career-challenged actors who’ve had to go abroad to make ends meet. TC mark

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