Smart, Sassy Christians Explain Why Homosexuality is Truly an Abomination


YouTube user, OnKneesforJesus, has uploaded a question and answer with intelligent Christians on the subject of homosexuality and marriage. It is amazing and refreshing to watch these young people publicly stand together against the dangerous cult of homosexuality in the name of Jesus Christ. YouTube commentator, mcdoogs87, was not impressed though:

This is REALLY dumb. I would dissect all the fallacious ideas in this video but it’s so dumb I won’t waste my? time. Why is it that no one can come up with an argument against homosexuality that doesn’t violate a logical fallacy, preconcieved bias, or something that has already been scientifcally proven false. Homosexuality is not a choice and can’t be “cured” according to any psychological institution there is.. And sorry but you certainly aren’t intelligent christians.

Thankfully, another YouTuber, JesusBigBeamofLight, set Mcdoogs straight: “[I]f you don’t see the? sense in this video, it is because your mind is blinded with all the propaganda you have been fed.” Seriously, McDoogs get with it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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