Enter the Sodge, A Radical New Take on the Refrigerator?

The classic refrigerator experience involves heavy, hinged doors. You open these doors to browse your food assortment and close these doors once you have made a selection. Like all traditional things though, this experience is deeply flawed.

Enter: THE SODGE. An innovative, environmentally-friendly refrigerator with translucent, plastic covers.

How does the Sodge work? The translucent sheet saves energy (and the environment) by letting you choose your food before even opening the door. Thus supposedly: less energy lost, less environmental impact.

Except not. As one commentator put it:

To think some thick film plastic is going to have better insulation efficient than a door with several inches of more/better insulation is just plain wrong. The whole concept is a marketing gimick. If you you figure out the energy you lose openning the door and stare for minutes trying to figure out what to eat versus the other 23 1/2 hours the fridge has to operate with a crappy plastic film door your energy star rating is going to be pretty poor. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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