Michelle Madonna: Vampire-Socialite

Michelle Madonna (real name) was born in Long Island, NY and after a short stint in Los Angeles settled in Manhattan on the Upper East Side. She describes herself as “vampire, camera whore, and wannabe socialite with terrible insomnia.” She is currently finishing a degree in Visual merchandising at the Laboratory Institute of Merchandising. She also makes pop music.

What are you doing with your life?
To be completely honest, I’m actually not sure. There are definitely a lot of things I want to do, but it takes time. I’m not rushing towards anything; I’m going slowly and just enjoying every second of it. I’m definitely going to continue working on my music. That is something which I really enjoy to do and it makes me happy.

Will you share one of your songs with us?
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What’s so great about reality TV?
How far away from reality it is.

What are your favorite brands and clothing pieces?
My favorite place to shop is Intermix. I loveee Marc Jacobs! His clothes are so unique and the jeans are awesome!

Are you dating anyone?
Nope. I’m not a big fan of boyfriends. I like doing my own thing and I don’t like having someone tell me what to do. I already have parents.

Nik Richie: Would you?
Stamp, next.

What’s the best restaurant in NYC?
Koi in Bryant Park.

What are you reading?
I just read the book Crazy Love by Leslie Morgan Steiner. Pretty intense story but it was really good.

What can’t you do without?
My blackberry. I seriously would sell a kidney to get it back if I lost it. It went flying out of my hand into the crowd at Coachella during David Guetta’s set. I literally got down on my hands and knees and crawled around people’s feet looking for it. And I actually found it!

Speaking of organs, how is your liver?
My poor liver. Manhattan is seriously the best place to party. I’ve experienced nightlife in a lot of cities and they all suck. My favorite nights to go out are Wednesdays and Sundays. I hate NYC nightlife on the weekends. Everything is so packed and everyone is from like Staten Island. Over the weekends my favorite thing to do is go to brunch parties during the day. I just party all day.

How do you have time for school and your music and partying?
Haha. I told you I am vampire.

Is what they say true? You’re a horrible bitch?
The worst! Watch out.

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