Why Even The Most Successful Women Still Need To Fight For Equal Treatment

Making it to the Women’s World Cup is the ultimate achievement for a female soccer player, and the U.S. is at the head of the game—they’ve ranked among the top three teams every year since the competition began. But success doesn’t always mean an equal playing field. For the 2015 games in Canada, FIFA announced it would start using artificial turf despite the fact that it’s never been used in the men’s games. Many argue that fake grass affects how the game is played and is harder on players’ bodies, leading one group of women to file a lawsuit against the decision.

To find out more, VICE interviewed star player Sydney Leroux who, at 25, is already a seasoned athlete and Olympic gold medalist. She shared her thoughts on the controversy, the game, and what it means to play for one of the best teams in the world.

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