Don’t Miss Out On An Epic 10-Day Adventure – Registration Begins Today!


Wondering how to make this summer amazing? Maybe even the best you’ve ever had?

With Taglit-Birthright Israel, you could be eligible for a free, 10-day trip to Israel. That’s right, free.

What is Taglit-Birthright Israel?

The organization devoted to bringing you on the most epic adventure of your life. Officially speaking, it’s about strengthening Jewish identity, Jewish communities and solidarity with Israel. However, former participants commonly refer to it as “The Best Summer Of Your Life.”

What do you do?

Everything from snorkeling to sightseeing, jeeping to camel rides, laying out on a Tel Aviv beach to all-night campfires with your new best friends you met ten days ago. “Taglit” means “discovery” in Hebrew, and that is largely what the trip is about.

Who is eligible?

Young Jewish adults worldwide, aged 18-26.

This sounds awesome…should I tell my friends?!

Yes! And make sure they all know to sign up NOW! Register here.


This post brought to by Taglit-Birthright Israel.