This Interactive Fashion Show Will Actually Blow Your Mind

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The fashion magazine i-D created an insane interactive fashion show, one that you can now you can take part in too, and trust us, you’re not going to want to miss this.

i-D, a magazine dedicated to fashion inspiration and cutting edge innovation, delivered a futuristic fashion spectacular launch party, featuring London designers Claire Barrow, Ashley Williams and Ryan Lo.

The onstage models entered a holographic diorama and were immersed in digital projections, backed by a multi-dimensional musical experience. Every variation of model, scene and look triggered a different element of the original score that was composed by Yeasayer’s Chris Keating.

During the event, the audience could draw on the diorama using a mobile device, after which they could interact with and create their own personal fashion shows using the main diorama alongside one of the three scale models. The device allowed attendees to choose their designer, design and environment, while swiping to rotate and apply audio filters. Using the cursor, they can re-create and personalize their own fashion show.

Yeah. Whoa.

And you can too. Check out the site here, and enter your own futuristic fashion abyss. Thought Catalog Logo Mark