Celebrate Shiner In NY This Saturday With A Free BBQ And Beer Fest

Shiner is Texas’ favorite beer, and oldest independent brewery, and after 104 years, is finally going to be available in New York. The signature brew, Shiner Bock, has been a Southern summer essential for decades, and we’re finally bringing it up north.
With its deep amber color, distinctive rich flavor and full body, Shiner Bock demonstrates the care of a handcrafted brewing process to bring forth a mellow taste free of the bitter aftertaste found in many micro, specialty and imported beers. Just think of it as Shiner smooth.
Shiner is not only coming to NYC but also to VICE with it’s own hub, “What The Bock!” Small and mighty, just like the brewery, this part of VICE will be dedicated to beer, travel, Texas, and food you can eat with your hands.

To celebrate, Shiner and VICE invite you for a beer, BBQ and complimentary Shiner on draft and double pig roast this Saturday, 6/22! Beginning at 2 pm, bring your friends to Battery Harris, 64 Frost St. at Meeker, Brooklyn (Lorimer L or Metropolitan G) to hang out, eat and cool down with an ice cold Shiner Bock or Shiner Ruby Red.

Free with RSVP: www.rsvp.vice.com/shinernyc 
Twitter: @ShinerBeer
Instagram: @ShinerBeer
Content Hub: www.vice.com/shiner

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