DIESEL And EDUN Join Forces To Celebrate Africa

DIESEL And EDUN Join Forces To Celebrate Africa

A spring 2013 collaboration between DIESEL and EDUN will be come with sentiments deeper than just fashion. A denim collection created in and inspired by Africa will feature creative pieces manufactured with the finest CCI cotton in Uganda.

How can the spirit of that collection be brought to life? DIESEL+EDUN came up with a virtual loudspeaker and platform for a new generation of creators from across the continent, known as Studio Africa. It is there that creativity will be celebrated. Nine African artists will be featured — their talents spanning from fashion to film, music to literature, and even photography. These individuals talent is matched by their deep commitment to their respective countries and people.

For a closer look at the artists and project, check out the video below.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qf93GT6NFTc%5D

Studio Africa’s manifestation will be displayed by Okayafrica – an online hub of the African ‘new wave’. Okayafrica is invested in capturing the spirit of the current trends of music, fashion, political expression and art taking place on the continent.

For more information check out Studio Africa on Tumblr and DIESEL+EDUNTC Mark

image – Studio Africa