Watch These Mouthwatering Pastries Become Beautiful Works Of Art Through The Eyes Of Pastry Chef, Lily Vanilli

There’s a scene in What Dreams May Come that happens after Robin Williams dies. I guess he’s in heaven, but it might be purgatory, and it’s possibly hell. The movie doesn’t make that clear from what I recall. Anyways, wherever afterlife he’s at seems to be a cross between a surreal landscape oil-painting and physical reality. Basically, what it comes down to is that he can like, eat the flowers. Bear with me. The video above shows a woman named Lily, who’s sort of in the same business as the producers of What Dreams May Come. Inspired by Wayne Thiebauld’s pop-art paintings of mass produced food, Lily scours her city to find inspiration for an art installation she wants to make out of pastries. The end result is both beautiful and mouthwatering — a modern day take on traditional landscape photography that deserves both a gallery and table setting. Thought Catalog Logo Mark