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Desire Is Something You Can’t Control

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Do you control your desire? Check out this sleek/bleak marketing material from Mercedes promoting their new SLS AMG. The actor here featured is Dougray Scott, who, aside from having a name that’s actually three first names (tricky, “Dougray”!), made millions starring as Ethan Hunt’s nemesis in Mission Impossible 2, a sadistic killer in New Town Killers, and a love-struck chef in Love’s Kitchen. Scott doesn’t seem to be able to control his desire, as in the end he gives in to temptation and finds himself cruising the dark streets of Los Angeles in his silver Mercedes. TC mark

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Cut yourself some slack. One of the biggest regrets most people have about their 20s is that they didn’t enjoy them more. And I’m not talking about “buy more expensive dinners, take another trip to Thailand” type of enjoyment. I mean having the ability to take a deep breath and sip coffee in the morning knowing that you have done, and are doing, your best.

“These essays are slowly changing my life, as the title promises. As my friends’ birthday come along, they will all be receiving a copy of this wonderful book.” – Janie

Amazon: 4.8/5 stars
Goodreads: 4.29/5 stars

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