Submit Your Vote To The HP Ultrabook Laptop Bag Design Competition!

Everyone needs a laptop bag, right? If you don’t use one, you risk having your brand new computer looking like it was stomped on and thrown in a dumpster. However, the key to finding the perfect laptop bag is getting one that’s both functional and has a stylish design. You want something that services technology without sacrificing any of the fashion.

With options that perfectly merge fashion with technology, you’re guaranteed to find something chic at the HP Ultrabook laptop bag design contest! Judged by three industry experts, including Mondo, the winner of Project Runway 8, people submitted their designs for a new Ultrabook laptop bag and have now been whittled down to 40 semi-finalists. Now it’s time for you to cast your vote for who you think should win the $10,000 cash prize for their design! Here are our top three picks.

1. The Brooklynr

Designed by Elin Johansson, The Brooklynr is the perfect fit for any metropolitan diva. With its dark coloring and tough design, it has the perfect “Don’t talk to me” vibe that New Yorkers like to project whether they’re on the subway or walking to a bar to meet friends.

2. Ultra Bag

Ultra Bag has a sleek design that compliments any young professional on the go. Designed by Heidi Hysell using vegan leather and recycled felt, it’s also eco-friendly on top of being practical. Alicia Silverstone would be proud!

3. SlimFit Bag

The SlimFit bag looks like it could kick your butt. Encased in perforated metal, the bag literally has a hard shell which is necessary when you’re running around with your laptop and swinging it in every direction. Jill Denna, the designer, created something that was durable without losing any of its elegance. We approve.

What do you think? Do you agree with us or do you have your own personal favorites? Regardless, you should go out and vote for what you think is the best one! Because good fashion, when coupled with technology, should always be rewarded. TC Mark