This Is The World Through The Eyes Of An Introvert

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Akhil Lincoln

You may think we are avoiding you at all costs when walking down the same street, and it is because we are. Seeing as how the world is a busy place as it is, we don’t have time to catch up over the smallest details in life. We go about our business in the way a doctor preps for surgery, we let nothing outside distract us.

It’s, in fact, draining to have to communicate all the time with the outside world. It’s okay to just let us be. We’re usually the ones observing in the background at parties, or not even there at all. We don’t care for big crowds or for the attention they bring.

These types of scenarios drain the life out of us the same way you unplug a lamp from the wall.

We are not stuck up or have somewhere better to be, it’s built in our DNA.

Avoiding eye contact is part of our daily regimen.

Because if we do make eye contact, that’s an invitation to our world and we’d prefer not to let a stranger in.

I can attest to one thing what we do well, better than any other person, we are the world’s greatest listeners and that’s something we can take the grave.

So why do we get this misconception of something we are not?

Is it because you are staring through the lens of your own life and seeing yourself? As someone who is trying to portray us?

Maybe. Maybe not.

My own father use to get angry with me when I didn’t go out of my way to say hi to all the people around me. He was always smiling, laughing, and the first to say hello before you even saw him. And I grew up quite the opposite, I knew and still know to this day people drain me.

So if you ever see me walking the opposite way of a crowd or avoiding eye contact as we pass by, just know one thing. I’m not an asshole, I just prefer to be alone. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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