58 Things To Give Yourself Permission To Be Happy

We’ve been programmed to think we need to put other people’s needs in front of ours. To put what other think of us in front of ours. To be nice.

We start taking on what everyone else thinks we should be and do. We wait and wait until it’s the right time to start focusing on our needs and who we are and want to be.

Some of us wait hoping that someone will notice and see us. And see what we are good at and are waiting for approval and permission to start.

The truth is you may be waiting a long time. The person you are waiting for to give you the thumbs up to go for it may never come around to see it. They are probably in their own heads thinking about what’s going on in their lives.

Life is short. And time is ticking away.

If you don’t give yourself permission now, nobody else will. So when now are you going to give yourself permission to do and be what you really want?

If you need permission, I give you permission.

Below are 60 things to start giving yourself permission to be happy and start taking your life back.

  1. To start your personal love revolution
  2. To say whatever is on your mind
  3. To put yourself first
  4. To move
  5. To not giving an explanation
  6. To remember what you love
  7. To make mistakes
  8. To follow your intuition
  9. To celebrate life
  10. To choose who you want to spend time with
  11. To ignore nonsense
  12. To dream
  13. To be happy
  14. To indulge in food and go for the gusto
  15. To not giving an explanation
  16. To trust
  17. To love
  18. To let go
  19. To ask for help
  20. To not return a call, a text, an email
  21. To leave a party early
  22. To play
  23. To laugh
  24. To cry
  25. To get angry
  26. To grieve
  27. To not be okay
  28. To not fix anyone
  29. To travel
  30. To be crazy
  31. To stop kissing ass and start kicking ass
  32. To be imperfect
  33. To be authentic
  34. To not overthink
  35. To not need anyone’s approval
  36. To go after what you want
  37. To move on
  38. To get out of your own head
  39. To determine your own schedule
  40. To keep moving
  41. To live in your own little world
  42. To start a conversation that matters
  43. To forgive
  44. To be alone and shut the world out
  45. To quit to win
  46. To try something new
  47. To take risks
  48. To have a lazy day
  49. To not care about what others think
  50. To call bull shit
  51. To be the hero in your own story
  52. To feel your power
  53. To be sexually expressive
  54. To be selfish
  55. To have fun
  56. To be human
  57. To give yourself a chance
  58. To be YOU

What will you give yourself permission for before your life ends? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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