How To Stop Apologizing For The Things You’re Not Actually Sorry For

You will not apologize for finishing a pint of ice cream in one sitting. It’s fucking hot outside and Ben & Jerry’s has that new flavor “The Tonight Dough,” which you are utterly apeshit for. You’re not sorry for putting cream in your coffee or for calling ahead to make sure that restaurant has queso. 

You’re not sorry for wearing tight or revealing clothing, or for wearing all black, or for shopping in the men’s section.  

You won’t apologize for believing in love or for flirting with all the single men in the room. You won’t apologize for asking for what you deserve and expect from a relationship, or getting better at coping with breakups. You’re not sorry for telling someone to “fuck off” either. 

You’re not sorry for being vain. You’re not sorry for being girly and you’re sure as hell not sorry for wearing makeup. And you know what? You’re not sorry for posting selfies on Instagram or getting an ego boost from 50 likes. 

You’re not sorry for being entertained by things that don’t enrich your brain. You’re not sorry for keeping up with the Kardashians or for your subscription to US Weekly. 

You stop apologizing for being dependent on technology, for eating pizza five days in a row, or for saying “no.”

You’re not sorry for canceling brunch. You’re not sorry for going to bed early. Not for being young, getting old, being a feminist, laughing loudly, not texting back right away, having an opinion, or being a grown woman with private thoughts. Nope! 

But you are sorry for being inconsiderate. You’re sorry for being late and wasting someone’s time. You’re sorry for being an asshole. But that’s about it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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