17 Thoughts On The Drake vs. Lil Wayne Tour

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1. The tickets were 30 bucks a pop, including fees, for the lawn area, which was totally fine. $30.00 for Lil Wayne AND Drake? That’s practically free.

2. But the show was supposed to start at 7pm and those mo**** fu***** didn’t get on the stage until 9 o’clock. Who do they think they are?! I almost thought Weezy was gonna bail again.

3. Fool me once, shame on Lil Wayne. Fool me twice, shame on me.

4. Around 8pm, the giant screens encouraged the audience to download the Drake vs. Lil Wayne app on their iPhones, but like, everyone was trying to download the app at once, and no one could actually do it.

5. Maybe if they had displayed this recommendation a bit earlier, instead of an hour AFTER they were scheduled to perform, then we could have all gotten the app.

6. I’m pretty sure the app was designed so that people could vote for who they wanted to go first in the “rap battle.”

7. If I could have downloaded the app, I would have voted for Lil Wayne to go first because 1) I think going second is an advantage and I think Weezy IS more advanced, but also because 2) I didn’t trust him to come out at all if his performance was delayed any further.

8. So Lil Wayne came out first. Voted by fans form the app? Maybe. Set up previously by producers of the show? Also maybe.

9. The show was at the Sleep Country Amphitheater just outside of Vancouver, Washington, about a 20 minute drive north of Portland. But they shouted out to Portland several times. Did they think they were in Portland? They also had a back drop of the Seattle skyline. They may have been confused on their current city.

10. Perhaps they picked the venue because pot is now legal to smoke recreationally in Washington and Lil Wayne was smoking basically the whole time.

11. Not that it would have stopped him in any other city, but you know, it does feel kinda cool when it’s legal.

12. Drake sported not one, but TWO Oregon Ducks jerseys. Total schmooze, but also not a bad touch.

13. I didn’t really think about Drake very much before this show, but I’ll be honest, now I think about him all the time.

14. Drake is a really good performer! I guess he’s a ladies’ man. I mean, he had me blushing, especially when he reminded me that I’m “more than just an option, hey, hey hey.”

15. The whole thing was kinda cheesy, though. It was kinda cool that it was somewhat of a back-and-forth rap battle, but it also seemed a pretty planned. Lil Wayne won that night, I guess, but I’m not sure exactly what that means.

16. And the speakers did NOT sound good.

17. But I mean, at least they didn’t call out two handicapped people for not standing up during a song. I’m looking at YOU, Kanye.

Overall rating: B- Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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