I Remember Everything About Us –– Do You?

Brooke Cagle

I remember everything.

I remember all the things you said to me, all the promises and unfortunately all the lies.

Do remember anything about us?

Do you remember when you said we would get a place to get so you could come home to me every night?

Do you remember all the travel plans we made but never made it together?

Do you remember when you promised to be a better man for me but that never happened because that was when you drifted away from me, from us?

I remember everything.

I remember seeing you with another woman at a wedding being romantic. I remember the look you gave her it was the same one you gave to me whenever you made a promise.

I remember when you called me home.

When you said your life was always at ease when we were together.

When I remember everything you said, I remember how you never fulfilled any of your promises. I remember how the L word only slipped out whenever we were intimate.

Every time I remember, it is a reminder that I have to remember to forget you.

And today,

I remember how I am worthy of only the truth

I remember there will never be a place for you in the world I exist in. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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