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The Ugly Truth About The Modern Relationship

You’re not worth the trouble if you don’t put out, you’re crazy and “catching feelings” if you text a person to ask how they are, you’re being unreasonable if you want to share your days with somebody. You’re naïve if you think that good people with clear intentions still exist. You’re in trouble and downright weird if your sexual appetite isn’t of the voracious variety and inevitably, you’re having to explain yourself out of a corner about why you are that way.

I Like That I Intimidate You

I actually enjoy being an intimidating woman. The power tastes good. I like that you think twice before you decide to speak to me. I like that my presence makes you nervous. I like that you’re so intrigued by my appearance that you want to reach out and touch it and that I have the power do deny you. Like all types of power, it’s frightening sometimes. But fear has always been a good thing.