A Reminder That God Has You Exactly Where You’re Supposed to Be

A Reminder That God Has You Exactly Where You’re Supposed to Be

Sometimes life is confusing. And sometimes you allow fear to cloud your mind, bad habits to crawl back into your life, relationships to last much longer than they should, and past shame to take a hold of your heart. Sometimes your future is blurred with the uncertainty of who you are, where you are going, and what you are meant for.

Take comfort in knowing that these are feelings we all have experienced at one point or another. Most importantly though, take comfort in knowing that God has you exactly where you are supposed to be. His timing is never one minute too early or one minute too late. He’s fighting battles for you right now that you can’t even imagine. He’s closing doors that won’t lead you down the beautiful path He’s paved just for you and He’s opening doors that will lead you straight to His loving arms.

It might not feel like it – maybe not today or tomorrow or the next. Maybe you had a different life planned out for yourself and it seems like it’s all crumbling before you. Every door that you wanted to be opened is being slammed in your face and every door that should be closed for you is luring you in with its tempting ways.

And it’s in these moments – these beautifully painful moments – that God is smiling down upon you, holding you with His protective, gentle-loving arms. He hasn’t forgotten about you nor will He ever. And in time, you too will smile knowing that God truly does have you exactly where you are meant to be. Every single mistake and success and failed attempt are part of your story. They’re part of who you are and where you are going.

So, when you want to cry out to God in confusion and anger and fear and sadness, reach out to him instead with a trusting, grateful heart knowing that He will never give you more than you can handle. You are being led by the King of all kings.

~I’m on a mission to bring healing to this world~

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