This is How You'll Know You've Found Someone Special

This is How You’ll Know You’ve Found Someone Special

When you’ve found the right soul worth pursuing, you’ll know. It won’t just be because they have a certain label of your “boyfriend” or “girlfriend”. It won’t just be because they fit certain checkboxes that you or your parents or friends have convinced you that you need in a partner. It won’t just be because of a timeline that dictates if you’ve been together for a specified period of time then the relationship must be for you. It won’t just be because they possess a few good qualities and so you let those outweigh all the other bad qualities.

When you have found the right soul worth pursuing, you will feel it to your very core. The butterflies people talk about? Yeah, those are real and those should be fluttering all around your stomach when you kiss them or are waiting to go on a date with them or are just talking with them on the couch. You will find yourself daydreaming your way through work just thinking about the next time you can see them. You will question how you can feel such peace and such giddiness at the same time. You will want to show them off to everyone and feel proud to have them walking alongside you.

The right soul worth pursuing will make every moment together natural. Everything from dinner into a night out to meeting each other’s friends to watching Netflix to adventuring together will flow so effortlessly and not seemed forced. Every trivial, fun conversation will create just as much connection as every deep, soul-enriching conversation.  You will find yourself overwhelmed with excitement just simply to be in the same room as them.

Because this is your person. This is the one that finally makes your heart feel at home. This is the energy that you’re so undeniably drawn to whether you are together or in different places. This is the soul you’ve been searching for and should pursue with all that you are and all that you have. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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