The Truth About Finding A Real Love Story

Love should not downplay your dreams. Love should not fill your stomach with anxious knots. Love should not be a one-sided game. Love should not cause you to cry yourself to sleep yet again. Love should not treat your heart like a rest stop, coming and going as it pleases. Love should not make you lose your identity. Love should not drag you away from your loved ones. Love should not make you settle for half of who you’re capable of being. Love should not make you downgrade.

No, love is none of these things. But, let me tell you what love is. Love should make your little quirks and characteristics be appreciated and adored. Love should keep you up until 2am talking about your aspirations and fears. Love should make you dance in the kitchen and throw cookie dough at each other from across the counter. Love should embrace your flaws and shower them in forgiveness and grace. Love should push you outside your comfort zone. Love should respect anyone and everyone that has a special place in your heart. Love should bring out the light that has always been within you, making it shine even brighter. Love should make you say, “So this is what God’s had in store for me all along”.

Some may find this love at 16, some at 27, others at 55. There is no timeline for when you will experience this love, but there is a guarantee that the beautiful love you’re craving does exist.  The person that will intertwine seamlessly with your soul is out there.

However, it is also up to you to pursue this love. You will not find it by sitting at home on your couch every night or by staying in an unhealthy relationship or by going home with just anyone who will give you attention or by building your life based off of comfort and certainty.  You will find it by picking up new hobbies, by introducing yourself to the person sitting next to you at the coffee shop, by not allowing anyone to treat you as ordinary, by making a reservation for one at that restaurant you’ve been wanting to try, by smiling at strangers on the street, by knowing your own worth and walking away from anything that doesn’t measure up to this.

Your magical love story is out there waiting for you, darling. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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