9 Best YouTube Channels For Effective Procrastination

ASAP Science

This is the perfect channel for when you’re supposed be doing something intellectually stimulating, but just don’t want to. If you still want to feel like a useful, intelligent human being, check out these videos. They explain everyday life with science and doodles, and they’re downright addicting.

Estimated amount of time wasted: 1 hour and 23 minutes.


Like the name suggests, these are basic how-to videos with a comedic twist. If you’re looking for a quick burst of procrastination, this is where you want to go. These short videos offer just enough entertainment, but before long you’ll be wondering why you’re wasting your time on this crap. Maybe you’ll actually get back to work (nah).

Estimated amount of time wasted: 18 minutes


Jesse and Jeana are goofballs that prank each other for our amusement. Some pranks are light-hearted, others are downright cruel, like the one above.

Estimated amount of time wasted: 58 minutes

Jenna Marbles


There’s a reason this girl has one of the most popular channels on YouTube. This weird, foul-mouthed girl makes a variety of vlogs and sketches that are addicting to watch. Plus, she’s super fun to look at.

Estimated amount of time wasted: 1 hour and 47 minutes.

Vice News

If you want to waste your time in a meaningful way, check out this channel. They make fairly short videos on all the big scary news stuff that’s happening around the world. After you’ve watched a few of these videos, you’ll feel less guilty about not being semi-informed about current events. You’re so, like, culturally aware now.

Estimated amount of time wasted: 2 hour and 24 minutes

Bad Lip Reading

This is as silly as it sounds. These guys take popular movies, TV shows, and political figures and make the people/characters say weird things. This is easily one of the most ridiculous channels on YouTube.

Estimated amount of time wasted: 45 minutes


Ladies and gents, I’d like to introduce Dom Mazzetti. The only thing more bizarre than his name is his videos. It’s mostly about lifting and #gym life, so if you’re a bro looking to kill some time, look no further.

Estimated amount of time wasted: 42 minutes.

Food Wishes

Chef John has a way of smooth-talking us into wanting to cook delicious meals. There’s something for everyone on here, from prime rib to grilled cheese. Bonus points if you actually cook something after watching his videos.

Estimated amount of time wasted: 39 minutes—2 hours and 7 minutes.

Bored Shorts TV

Kids say the darndest things. In these videos, kids imagine stories that are then acted out by adults. It’s hilariously cute, G-rated fun.

Estimated amount of time wasted: 55 minutes. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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