7 Reasons You Should Be Jealous You’re Not A Twin

The Social Network
The Social Network

We’re pretty interesting.

Say you’re in a terribly dry conversation or on a date that’s not going so well. If you’re a twin, you can pull the twin card into during any conversation and make it interesting. For example: “Oh you like to ski? My twin loves skiing too!” Boom. Now you’ve got at least 10-20 minutes of twin talk ahead of you. Basically, being a twin makes you just a little less boring.

Twin talk is fun.

Once the twin talk starts, there’s a whole myriad of topics that come up. Are you identical or fraternal? Do you have a secret language? Who was born first? Can you read each other’s minds? You can’t, but…

Fooling people into believing telekinetic/telepathic powers are real.

“Yeah, this one time my twin brother broke his arm and I FELT IT TOO!” There’s this awesome battle between them believing you, calling you out on your bullshit, and then being generally unsure of the whole thing. It’s very amusing.

We can contribute positively to science.

Twin-based research can help with a bunch of important science-y stuff, and it’s pretty cool to be able to do that even if we don’t really want to.

The identical twin-swap.

I’m a fraternal twin, so I’ll never really know what this is like, but I imagine having the ability to confuse friends (and sometimes family) by wearing similar outfits or changing clothes is a jolly good time.

At least one person remembers your birthday.

If you’re a twin, you can’t think about or experience your own birthday without remembering that you’ve always shared this day with someone else.

We have similar experiences.

With older or younger siblings, someone has to “go first”, but twins often experience things at the same time. We’re in the same grade (often the same classes), we have a lot of the same friends and do a lot of the same things. We always have someone to share these memories with, so we never really feel alone. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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