8 Sad Truths Only Christmas Babies Will Understand

Christmas babies have the most inconvenient birthdays on the planet. We didn’t ask to be born at this time of year, but it happened. My twin brother and I were born on December 27th, during the crucial recovery period between Christmas and New Year’s. So we feel your pain, Christmas babies of the world. Let’s rejoice in our shared misery by examining some of these sad truths we know all too well:

1. Everyone forgets about us.

Besides the two lovely folks that brought us into this world, most people forget it’s our birthday. Don’t worry, we’re used to all of the belated happy birthday posts on Facebook. Meanwhile, no one forgets Jesus’ birthday.

2. Birthday presents are “conveniently” scattered amongst our Christmas gifts.

Some people also try to make a single gift count for Birthday and Christmas. These are the same people that insist on using the word “Birthmas” as if it’s clever or cool. It’s neither.

To top it off, all of the gifts are in Christmas wrapping paper, so no one remembers which is which. And let’s be honest, we’re all too tired to care, anyway.

3. Parties are pointless.

They’re impossible to plan with everyone’s busy schedule, so instead they become half-assed holiday get-togethers that no one wants to go to in the first place. Most of us will probably celebrate sometime in January when it feels desperate and forced.

4. We don’t have any friends.

At least that’s what it feels like. Almost everyone is with family, and while it’s great to have our own family celebrate with, it doesn’t stop us from missing our friends.

5. Even if there are a few friends around…

Going out to the bar or club around the holidays can be downright depressing. But hey, if we do get to take some birthday shots, tears make for a decent chaser.

6. The weather most likely sucks.

After those birthday shots, maybe we’ll get to bust ass on some black ice and the ER staff can sing Happy Birthday.

7. We suffer from severe birthday envy.

Growing up, we always wished that our birthday wasn’t during a school break so we could bring in cupcakes and everyone could pretend to like us for a day. Even the summer break kids had the option of throwing an awesome summer party. Not us. Nope.

8. We don’t like telling people our birthdate.

When we do, we get simultaneous realizations that “Wow, your birthday falls right around Christmas” and “Oh wait, that sucks.”

Happy early birthday to all of you underappreciated, unplanned Christmas babies! I’ll never forget you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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