11 Signs You’re Meant To Live Alone

Michal Nowosielski / (Shutterstock.com)
Michal Nowosielski / (Shutterstock.com)


Every mess your roommate leaves makes you inexplicably angry. It doesn’t matter if you habitually leave dirty dishes in the sink, too. If it’s her crusty bowl, it instantly puts you in a bad mood.


You avoid the common areas in your house because that might mean you have to socialize. You would much rather relax in the sanctuary that your bedroom has become.


You leave passive-aggressive notes on the refrigerator about household chores or the lack of toilet paper. This usually backfires, but you suck at open communication.


You daydream about walking around your apartment in your birthday suit because ALONE.


You constantly wonder if you could find someone to sublease at this time of year. No? Tears abound.


You’re always asking your roommate when they plan on being home after a vacation or a weekend away because you need to know when you have to put your pants back on.


Your bedroom door is shut all the time and panic when your roommate knocks for any reason. Doesn’t she know I’m busy binge-watching Gilmore Girls?


You do a happy dance when you realize your roommate isn’t home. FREEDOM AT LAST.


You would rather order a pizza than make dinner at the same time as your roommate. It’s just too crowded.


You find yourself having the same conversation with your roomie over and over because you just don’t have anything to say to one another.


You’re always browsing Craigslist for available one-bedroom apartments just in case you find one you can actually afford.

Roommates just aren’t your thing. And that’s OK. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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