5 Signs You're Over Your Ex And Ready To Find A New Relationship

5 Signs You’re Over Your Ex And Ready To Find A New Relationship

A heartbreak is never easy. Especially when you didn’t expect it and you loved the person more than anything else in the world. It could be traumatic. Life-changing. Even devastating. Just the glimpse of your happiest memories together brings excruciating twinge you just want to shut your eyes and wish to disappear. But… that is not how it works. There is no magical antidote for a heartbreak, not even a mathematical formula. And inevitably, getting over a heartbreak requires time and lots and lots of prayers. But what if the guy who shuttered you comes crawling back to you, with all the cinematic lines of regrets and apologies? Will you straighten up or let loose?

Here are signs you are over your ex and ready for a new relationship:

1. You have passed the acid test.

If there is an acid test for gold, so is there for forgiveness. They say that the purer the gold, the stronger the acid required to dissolve it. This is not a bluff. This is backed up by science. If you still have the memory of the worst incidents during the relationship but you don’t feel any sting or pain anymore, you have passed the acid test. And the stronger the impact when you have the willingness to forgive the person. When you forgive, it does not necessarily mean that you forget him. He is still part of your past, and every past gives us lessons—vital lessons that could turn into opportunities for growth and self-improvement. Love means wishing for the other person—no matter how much he’d hurt you—joy, peace, and all the blessings in this world. What you wish for the other is what you also wish for your own self. So choose to be the pure gold, choose to forgive. Otherwise, you are simply fooling yourself and not practicing the true art of forgiveness, the true art of happiness.

2. Somehow you are not affected by Newton’s first law of motion.

As a car moves down the highway, it has the tendency to remain in constant motion unless some outside force changes its speed or direction. This exemplifies the first law of motion. You have moved on from your ex when you are the car in motion and you only move forward despite the outside force of your ex wanting you back. You are smarter this time not to go back to the same energy that caused you an electric shock because you know you are risking yourself to undergo the same tragic fate again. More than that, you don’t let him stop you, you don’t let him change your direction. You know that there is a bigger world waiting ahead of you, and you’ve got to be there.

3. When you bump into another person and there is that big bang.

The theory that the universe expanded from a very high-temperature and high-density state applies to you when you experience that wondrous outburst for someone who is way hotter and well-accomplished than your ex. He is the new expansion of your life, your new universe. And you deserve all the beautiful stars and galaxies in all of it. It’s a sign that you have moved on from the previous relationship when every night with your new man feels like a shooting star. And your wishes are granted every time.

4. When the second law of thermodynamics reminds you that new romance is better.

The law that states that heat flows naturally from a body at a higher temperature to a body at a lower temperature works better when the relationship is new. Cold hearts can not transfer passion upon the decay of the romance. Love is always sweetest and exciting at the beginning of a new relationship. Passion is utterly there, compared to the old romance that requires efforts in rekindling and the possible repetition of the same drama, the same heartaches of the past. When you see the twinkle turn into fireworks each time you set your eyes on your new man, that is your second shot at love. And you’ve got to enjoy the view.

5. Archimedes’ buoyancy principle works on you and your new one.

The more concentration you put on your new life with the new man is equal to the weight of your ex’s influence that is displaced away from you. When you feel that what has displaced simply deserves to go to the drainage, trust your gut. That is a sign to proceed to a new club, and you absolutely need to celebrate with a great toss of martini! So cheers, girl! You always deserve the best! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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