15 Reasons Why You Need To Detox From Social Media

Aaron Kim
Aaron Kim

If your position in an organization requires you to be online and stay connected to understand the current events, as well as the new gadget and the quickest internet connection, you might find it hard to stay away from social media.

I am one of those individuals who doesn’t have an option but to stay associated because of obligation; this is not a terrible thing, but rather a challenge. Yes, we are social creatures. We need to mingle and have a standard appetite for communication and information. Today, there’s no insufficiency of content, in fact we are overloaded of materials, evidence and information and because of this we as a whole have the chance to impart our insights to the world.

Technology and social media made our life simple. Nonetheless, in the parallel universe it can also destroy and control us if we did not balance and modify our relationship towards them.

So why detox? Here’s 15 reasons why.

1. Because we need to know ourselves better than anyone in our network.

2. Because we cannot be dictated by the mainstream media and definitely not by the judgment of society.

3. Because it will enhance our relationship towards our family.

4. Because we have to quit checking our telephones each second’s and start figuring out how to exist in the reality.

5. Because there is behind social media that you might be neglecting.

6. Because it will help us be more genuine and true.

7. Because we can’t be part of the bashing crowd (if we regularly witness annoying news that affects us we cannot help ourselves but to comment and react with the issue and even if we don’t wanted to be part of the bashers we ended up contributing to the filth online.)

8. Because we need to stop cyber bullying.

9. Because it will help us think clearly without other people’s opinions.

10. The fact that social media helps us be aware of the world’s status, being an attached to any technology or social media develops our self-awareness… we’ll learn to see things from our own perspective.

11. Because we will learn the true meaning of desire and confidentiality.

12. Because we have to welcome our genuine home and crowd, which is our family and not the gathering of people and home in our screen.

13. We can easily stop comparing our lives to others as well as our achievements and lifestyle.

14. We’ll figure out how to live by reality and not desire.

15. We can cut off the people that we really don’t like.

Much the same as detoxifying our body from chemicals, Detoxifying from social network is important, we live in a world loaded with information that we have to process issues slowly especially subjects that are difficult to digest. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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