10 Amazing Food Hacks You Need To Know

The following food hacks will make your daily routines simpler if you stick to them and make them your personal habit. As Bill Gates once said, “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” Here are a bunch of food hacks compiled by a very lazy person that will make you an everyday genius.

1. The No-Chug Jug

Don’t you hate it when you’re trying to pour yourself a glass of milk in the morning and you end up making a mess on the kitchen table? Keeping the following food hack in mind the next time you pour yourself a glass of milk; there will be no more reasons for you to cry over spilled milk! We usually pour milk from the carton with the opening leaning as close as possible to the glass. To rectify the problem, simply flip the carton upside-down from how we conventionally pour it so that the opening ends up on the upper half of the carton lid. It may seem bizarre at first but this way, your milk/juice will flow out of the carton in a steady stream rather than the usual chugging mess which reminds you off your irresponsible self throwing up in batches after a hangover.


2. The Cupcake Burger.

Everyone loves a good cupcake, but nobody loves looking like a savage beast after getting the icing on their noses. Therefore, we present to you the Cupcake Burger! All you need is a small knife, but if you’re a human, all you’ll need are your brains and ingenuity! Simply cut/tear the muffin portion of the cupcake into half and sandwich your cupcake icing with the muffins like a burger. This way, you’ll get a more even distribution of icing and muffin with each bite rather than having the cupcake icing stuck on the upper corners of your mouth. You can also say goodbye to that ugly horse face you make when you’re trying to eat your cupcake without getting the icing on your nose.


3. Sharing is caring.

Remember how you got your friends over and you offer them a bag of Cheetos? Remember how everybody eventually ends up with an oily orange finger/hand from scraping the oily interior of the bag? Say goodbye to your germophobic fears as we teach you how to turn that bag into a platter in seconds! Rather than ripping the bag open on its sides, made a small incision in the center of the bag with your teeth or a sharp object. Proceed to tear off an opening in a spiral fashion, peeling off the bag in the form of a circle and enlarging the circle as you go. You’ll eventually end up with a oval-shaped hole in the bag, where your friends can simply pick off the snacks off the plate without getting their hands dirty!


4. Garlic fingers.

If you’re somebody who cooks regularly, the following tip should be treated as a family heirloom. Garlic and onions are the quintessential aromatics you require for most of your dishes, but the lingering and pungent smell on your fingers is a pain in the neck. As most of the scent comes from the natural oils that these ingredients have, you simply need to get the scented oils off your fingers! Forget the hand soap, sponges, or dirty dish towels. Simply rub your fingers against your kitchen sink, running your fingers under the water as you do so. With a few squeaks with the kitchen sink, your garlic scent is gone! If you do not have immediate access to a sink, simply find an abrasive surface and repeat the steps above!

5. Super-devour your Super Bowl wings.

When you’re watching the Super Bowl, you’re probably too lazy to nibble miserably between the bones on your buffalo wings to get to that delicious flesh. What if we told you that you can eat your wings within seconds? Simply hold up your wing in your hand while maintaining your focus on the game (like Aerosmith said, you don’t wanna miss a thing). On the meatier end of the wing, identify the end of the upper bone. Grabbing tightly onto the end of the upper bone (along with the ligaments), twist and pull. The entire upper bone should come right off, neat and clean. You can then eat your wing right off a single bone like a mini drumstick and successfully graduate as a wing-man.


6. Orange you glad you read this?

How does one peel an orange without puncturing the flesh like a clumsy chimpanzee? Just don’t monkey around. Get a knife and cut the ends of the orange, being careful not to cut into the flesh. You’ll end up with an orange with two flat ends, resulting in an orange that should be able to stand upright. Then, make a vertical cut anywhere along the orange’s skin—again, taking care of not touching the flesh. Get your fingers into that cut you’ve made and peel the orange open gently. Your orange should open up like a belt, exposing each individual rind while still being attached to the orange husk. No mess, no bleeding oranges, no regrets.


7. The Hand-burger

Burgers are just like a boy’s bedroom—messy yet functional. However, to prevent your Sloppy Joe from turning into a Soggy Joe, do your burger a favor—eat it upside-down. The top bun of the burger is usually bigger and thicker than the bottom bun. Therefore, inverting the burger as you eat it will enable you to keep all your ingredients intact and prevent the juices from the patty from drenching your bottom bun. Thank god burger chefs aren’t architects. Additionally, the best way to hold a burger is with three fingers on the top of the burger, leaving the thumb and pinkie-finger for the base of the burger. Holding your burger this way will ensure optimal organization as you chomp your way through.


8. Ice-cold beer in 15 minutes.

We love a good beer on most days, but we love an ice-cold beer every day. Tired of waiting for that beer to chill out in the freezer? That salt-solution life hack not working for you? We’ve been there too, so we understand your frustrations. Therefore, here is a food hack for all you alcoholics out there. Get a paper towel and drench it in water. Wrap the soaked paper towel around your beer and leave your beer in the freezer for 15 minutes. The water in the paper towel will freeze up fast enough to begin super-cooling your beer in the freezer. The paper-towel will also keep your beer ice-cold even when it’s out of the fridge. You’re welcome.


9. Pancakes from the bottle.

Pancakes are the perfect breakfast that people of all nationalities enjoy. Whether you like them with maple syrup, blueberries, or fried chicken, pancakes are easy to make and yet so versatile. The one thing about pancakes is that you can’t hide the fact that you’ve been making pancakes; the mess is everywhere! Therefore, to prevent your mornings from getting worse, pre-make your pancake batter the night before. Thoroughly rinse an empty ketchup bottle and fill the bottle up with your pancake batter. Using a ketchup bottle is also more precise than using a spoon; thus, you can start making pancakes in all funny shapes and sizes! Ultimately, you’ll be having fuss-free breakfasts for weeks—as well as neater pancakes.


10. Ice cubes aren’t cool.

Ever dropped some ice cubes into your wine or coffee but instantly regretted your decision when you realized you’ve watered down your drink? The days of watered-down coffee and wine are over; the hipster revolution has arrived. To keep your coffee chilled, the next time you are making ice cubes, pour coffee into the ice cube molds instead and make some iced-coffee cubes. Dropping them into your coffee will not water down your coffee like ice cubes do. To keep your wine chilled, simply leave a bunch of grapes in the freezer. Replace your ice cubes with frozen grapes the next time you drink wine, and you’ll be thankful you came prepared.


We hope we’ve enlightened you well enough to make your everyday life a little simpler. Do note that results may vary subjectively; however you’ll be fine as long as you follow our instructions well! Share these food hacks with your friends and family and make them wonder why they’ve never thought of these hacks in their lives sooner. I dream of a world that runs so efficiently that even a cupcake isn’t spared. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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