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6 Extremely Weird Movies You Can Watch On Netflix Tonight

A patently ludicrous cult thriller about Devil worship and human sacrifice in which Martin Sheen screams a lot, The Believers occupies a strange space between camp and grim mean-spiritedness (the opening scene seems specifically designed to have traumatically scarred me as a child, which is exactly what it did).

Is Your Halloween Costume Sexy Enough?

I’ll never forget the first year I tried a sexy costume – 1992, when I was Sexy Charles Grodin. What should have been an unforgettable evening was ruined when someone brusquely pointed out that “Charles Grodin doesn’t have gout.”

7 Hidden Gems You Can Watch On Netflix Tonight

Trees Lounge is understated and poignant – it understands quite a bit about alcoholism, never glamorizing or demonizing it. The result is almost like one of Raymond Carver’s prosaic tales of run-of-the-mill, drunken melancholy.

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